My names is Dean and I am the Author of "There is a monster under my bed!" and proud father, husband and somebody who enjoys taking time to make children smile. 

I grew up surrounded by children and found that i never lost my inner child. I work as a Chief Technology Office but after a recent life event I made the choice to try something new. As a result I pushed myself to take the first steps to self publish my first children's story under my own brand - My Story Time. This children's book is in the top 1000 on amazon for its category which may not sound like much but its a huge buzz for me as a first time self published author.

I had never been the academic sort and being Dyslexic further added to my avoidance of writing previously. This all changed with the birth of my son Hunter who I originally drafted the story for. I had loved being read to as a child and I wanted to make something for him to cherish when he had children of his own.  Now having a second child (Raven), I plan to continue writing and publishing childrens stories that I hope my own children enjoy but also that others will equally enjoy just as much. 

My stories work well to help address a current problem a child might be having with life as they all try and address an aspect of young life from anxiety, making new friends, fear, uncertainty but also ensure that the reader has a fun time on the way. I also have some stories which just make a good old bedtime story.