"Going on an imaginative journey with my children makes all of the events of the day worthwhile.. the smiles, the tears and the joy"

Reading and writing was never my strong point but as a child my parents would always read me bedtime stories the likes of Doctor Seuss which that would turn the dread of bedtime into one of my most anticipated moments of the day. 

Now, having a family of my own there is nothing more rewarding than settling down to read a story with my children. I have found that picking the right story can also help your child to learn to express how they feel. I was inspired to create my first childrens books for my family to enjoy and then discovered you can get them self published.  Who doesn't love a good bedtime story! and the joy for me seeing the impact it can bring to a young person is worth more than all of the money in the world. I now have a bug for creating happiness and doing it by publishing.

My stories are targeted at either addressing a specific part of a child's life and showing them how to meet it head on, or to simply bring a smile to their faces with some silliness. What's the point of being a child and being around children if you cannot have some fun!

Successfully selling my children's books under our publishing brands of My Story Time since 2019 and still going strong.



Children's Stories That They Will Want Read Again & Again...


Our first story brining a smile to children since 2019...

We were extremely proud and honoured to share my first self-publish children's book. 

"There's a monster under my bed!" is a story about a loving boy called Benjiman who doesn’t want to go to bed, you see he thinks there is a monster under his bed and as the night unfolds.. he might just be right. This fun tale is to help children understand that the thing they fear might happen, might not be the case. We all get it wrong sometimes and what if it’s all just a big misunderstanding? I have told this story to my 3 year old many times and he even looks under the bed each night to say good night to his bed monster.


I hope you enjoy the story and don't forget to check out our Books section to see this and the other great stories we have on offer.

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